British Gilf Lacey Starr gets naughty in the local sex shop

Gallery from: Lacey Starr

You could try and say that two horny BBWs in a sex shop are like two bulls in a China shop. You’d be wrong, though. They’re actually like two teenagers who just learned how to cum and want to do it a lot. Anything they come across is fair game to play with. That’s why Gem spends most of her time with her jaw locked open. If there were a swinging dick anywhere in the store, she’d gladly give it a sucking. Luckily, it’s just her and Lacey and she has other plans. It’s just too bad that she’s seeing how naughty her friend is being.

It’s up to her to punish her and there’s no better place to do it than here. She pulls out a crop and goes right to work on her ass. The more she smacks it, the hornier her friend gets. She tries not to be naughty, but it’s impossible. She moves right up and sucks her pussy right into her mouth. There’s something about eating pussy in a sex shop that just feels right. After getting each other all worked up, they go dildo shopping. Only the longest and thickest will do for them tonight.

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