Hot British wife opens up her coat and her legs in this park flash

I’ve been to the local park a few times on a cold winters day but never have I seen such a warm and inviting sight as this. BarbySlut is exactly that  – a slut. And, here she is practicing the art of exhibitionism and she’s got it perfect. The long coat covered her bare naked body and the knee high black boots, you can tell that this lady has flashed guys before. Barby jumps straight to the flashing, standing by a farm gate  with her legs apart she opens up her coat and lets that fresh winter breeze blow between her legs and under her cunt. I’ve long admired Barby, she looks a bit like my ex wife with the red hair and glasses only my ex wife was boring, I’d be lucky to get a sniff of her panties let a lone her pussy. As exhibitionist wives go, Barby is one of the most daring. Huge tits, nice body and lots of fun. I’d marry her tomorrow and I’d be happy to share her too.

After flashing in the country it’s time for something more risky. To the park we go. Sitting on the bench outside the center Barby puts one leg up i that classic, well, one leg up pose and let’s us all have a really good look at her cunt, her clit, so warm and inviting and I can only imagine how tasty. But the real question is, what did she get up to after the shoot, after showing her pussy to total strangers, after walking around the park all day without any clothes on under her long coat? For that you’ll have to check out her personal website.

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