My wife is an exhibitionist

That’s something I Want to say but my wife is so prudish that these days she won’t even suck my dick. But, Nude Chrissy is a stunning exhibitionist Milf with a husband who’s proud to tell people his wife is indeed an exhibitionist in fact he goes even further and scours the internet looking for men to fuck his gorgeous wife. I’ve sent him my email on a few occasions a long with some dick pics but I’m yet to hear back. I’m starting to think my 5 inch cock isn’t big enough.

In this gallery Chrissy and her husband know how much her boss jerks off to her pics on the internet so they decide to give him a treat. She heads in to the office but today she isn;t wearing a bra or panties. It’s the bosses lucky day, He gets to touch her pussy and fondle her tits. There are conditions though. That he must give her a week off with pay and that he allows the pics to be posted on the internet.

Imagine having a touch of that fat pussy though. I’d be sniffing my fingers for the rest of the week tugging on my cock.

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