Tog hill dogging wife getting ready to meet UK Sex Contacts

Gallery from: TAC Dogging

Tog hill in Bristol is probably the UK’s premier dogging spot with hundreds of horny wives taken their by their husbands every week to be watched by strangers having sex or even let total strangers fondle their bits through the car window and have a good wank. Couples use sites like to arrange with strangers a time an exact location for  the meet. Mature women like Carol love dogging, check out what she’s wearing to go dogging with hubby tonight and remember to check out her site if you want to know more about her dogging and sexploits.

Carol is having a fun time by hanging out in her sexiest lingerie. There’s something about feeling hot and she’s enjoying every single second of it. She’s wearing her nylons and red high heels. She also has a red set of bra and panties, but she knows that she’s not going to be keeping them on for very long. She can’t stop herself from spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy through her panties to get it nice and wet for the action. She needs to take care of the needs that she’s starting to feel throbbing from her crotch.

Now it’s time to let her tits come out to play. She pulls down her bra to let them get some of the light on them. Feeling them hang out makes her pussy start to flood even more and she’s well on her way to powerful orgasm. She pulls her panties off and spreads her legs again before she plunges her hand down into her crotch. The sensation makes her eyes close as she gently massages her aching clit. That’s when she decides to spread her pussy lips apart. She works her entire pussy until she cums all over her fingers.

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