3 fat slags suck off a guy in a local pub

Gallery from: Kims Amateurs

What happens when you get 3 local fat slags and give them a few beers? Well, they get horny and grab the nearest bloke and start having fun. Kim and her friends have had a few drinks this summers afternoon and they’re all dressed like they’re on the pull – short skirts, stockings and low cut tops showing off their massive tits. Kim starts talking about all the cock she’s had in her days as an amateur porn star and it isn’t long before the girls are talking about how horny they are and how wet their knickers are getting thinking about a nice hard shaft to play with.

Kim makes a phone call and gets a local chap round for a few drinks. He knows why he’s there and it doesn’t take long before one of the girls pulls his jeans down and starts playing with his cock. He’s been the play thing of Kim’s for a while but this is first time with three girls at the same time.  Each of  the girls  take it in turns sucking his cock and at one point Kim had his balls in her mouth while her friend sucked on his stiff knob. After jerking his cock he felt his shaft tighten up and he spunked  up all over the girls massive tits.

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