Fat wife fingered then fucked in the back of a van at a dogging meet

The Brits just love going dogging. This time it’s a fat housewife from Birmingham, West Midlands that’s taken to a well known dogging spot just outside the City. She’s actually taken there by her best girlfriend who’s also a very popular dogger in the UK. It’s Lyndsy’s first time dogging, she knows where she’s going and what’s going to happen. her friend has told hr all about and Lyndsy can’t wait.

When  they arrive at the car park there’s already a van parked up. This meet was prearranged. So the girls head over to the parked van to meet two men they’ve never met before. Total strangers. Lyndsy jumps in the back of the van, her pussy dripping  – a mixture of fear and excitement. With in minutes her panties are off and she’s got two strange men at either end of her. A cock in her mouth while another guy fingering her wet cunt. They tare her panties off, leaving her exposed and open. She stay’s still inviting the men to fuck her. They accept her invite and both men take turns porking this naughty housewife and after she had a hard orgasm she was happy for them to relieve themselves all over her large breasts.

Gallery from: Dogging After Dark

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